Sweater Kittens Creator, Robi Nash (Bloomington, MN), hopes to put a lighter face on the harshness of Breast Cancer. While working as a volunteer at Ridgeview Medical Center Oncology for 9 years, Robi spent many hours talking, laughing, crying, grieving, and celebrating with many cancer patients.

One thing breast cancer patients repeatedly expressed to Robi, was that they did not appreciate the inappropriate references people would make in regards to breast cancer.

Robi wanted to find a way to honor her friends, and Sweater Kittens was born. She approached a number of cancer patients for their opinions of the name “Sweater Kittens”, and together they created a cute logo that would be used on shirts, hats, pens, etc. A percentage of all sales is donated to the Angel Foundation of Minnesota in support of everyone dealing with cancer.

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Sweater Kittens believes in putting a lighter face on the harsh truth of breast cancer. Minnesota has one of the highest rates of breast cancer among women in the United States. When you’re living with breast cancer, your support system is incredibly important.

With our breast cancer fundraising products, you can make conversations about breast cancer a lot less scary. You, your friends and your family can all don Sweater Kittens sweaters, shirts and tank tops from our shop. Remember- you’re not fighting cancer alone.

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Good friends are like bras- close to your heart and always supportive. When you are fighting breast cancer, your friends become extra important. By purchasing pink ribbon products, you and your friends can show breast cancer who’s boss.

Robi Nash, our founder, worked as a volunteer at Ridgeview Medical Center Oncology for nine years. While volunteering, Robi spoke with cancer patients and provided support for people with breast cancer. Many of them shared the desire for a fun, light-hearted way to address the reality of breast cancer.

Robi created Sweater Kittens as a way to honor those women. The logo was designed by patients. You can get it on shirts, pullovers and tote bags. You can also buy our knit caps in:

Robi Nash

Creator and Owner

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